Matteo Gamba

PhD Candidate. KTH Royal Institute of Technology


Division of Robotics, Perception, & Learning

Lindstedtsvägen 24

114 28 Stockholm,


I am a doctoral student in Machine Learning and Computer Vision, working under the supervision of Prof. Mårten Björkman and Prof. Hossein Azizpour at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. My research is focused on investigating the factors of implicit regularization in deep learning, as imposed by network architecture, learning algorithm and natural data.

My work lies at the intersection of geometry and probability, and is aimed at characterizing generalization in deep learning by studying regularity of neural networks interpreted as functions, as well as functional symmetries in parameter space. My research interests include generalization, robustness, mode connectivity, hidden symmetries, and geometry of neural representations.

My long-term vision is making neural networks interpretable and trust-worthy algorithms, to further their use in mission critical and high impact applications.


In parallel with my research activity, I have served as a Teaching Assistant for the following Master-level courses:

Additionally, I have been in charge of the Machine Learning reading group at RPL from 2019 to 2022.

System Administration

Together with two fellow doctoral students, since 2019 I have been administering a SLURM-based GPU cluster with a hundred GPUs, providing compute to the RPL division (100+ users).


I am a founding member of the GNU Education project, which promotes free software in education.

I am part of the NGO Hipatia and co-founder of the project GURI, which promote the freedom of sharing knowledge and foster life-long learning through free software.